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Manitou Spa

 The Manitou Spa is a true show stopper and perfect addition to your Backyard. This absolutely breathtaking spa screams notice me and you will. With its truly unique and innovative tear-drop shaped design, the Manitou Spa promises to impress. Besides its beautiful design and unmistakable, rounded shape and curvy edges, this spa truly has it all. Take a look at the Manitou’s additional features and you’ll understand why seeing is believing. The Manitou Spa offers the following features:

Installation Schematics

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  • Size: 7' x 14'

  • Depth: 3'0"

  • Gallons: 1,000

  • Offers spacious wrap-around bench seating for your comfort and convenience

  • Provides ample space, generously seating up to 12 adults comfortably

  • Attractive and extremely unique, exclusive tear-drop shape

  • Very desirable free-form design, with distinct curvature and dynamic rounded edges

  • Lavish dimensions consisting of a 7'x14" surface area and an ample 3'4" depth

Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

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