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Why Leading Edge Pools?

Lifetime Structural Warranty: Leading Edge offers the industry’s most comprehensive Lifetime Structural Warranty on all of our Leading Edge Fiberglass shells.

Leading Edge Safety Features:  Deep End Safety Swim Outs, Safety Edges, Textured Slip Resistant Steps and Floor Pet Friendly: Leading Edge Fiberglass shells are pet friendly and will not tear or cause harm to a pets claws, thus allowing owners and their pets to enjoy the therapeutic qualities of aquatic fitness together.

Leading Edge Fiberglass products require minimal maintenance lowering the cost to maintain and operate your pool, Spa, Swim Shaper and Tanning Ledge.

Leading Edge Fiberglass pools require less Filtration, Chemicals and offer lower acidity levels compared to concrete pools.

Leading Edge Products are built, engineered and designed using todays latest Technologies and Materials available.

Leading Edge Fiberglass pools, Spas, Swim Shaper and Tanning Ledges do not require yearly shell maintenance and will never need to be re surfaced or require you to replace a vinyl liner, saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your pool vs. Concrete or Vinyl Lined pools.

Leading Edge uses only specially designed Premium grade Vinyl Ester Barrier Gel Coats that have a proven track record and offer a superior resistance to Osmotic Blistering, Cracking and Elevated Temperatures.

Leading Edge uses a superior Marine Grade Gel- Coat which is a Non Porous material that inhibits the buildup and formation of Algae which reduces the cost to chemically maintain & treat your pool water.

Our products are manufactured within a climate controlled environment ensuring you that your pool, spa, Swim Shaper or Tanning Ledge has been manufactured to the Highest Quality standards and Federal pool safety regulations available.


Why Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is Non Abrasive=less chance of Injury and Scrapes vs. Concrete Pools

Fiberglass composites internal structural strength and quality out performs other pool related construction materials.

Fiberglass composites Offers a high quality luxurious Finish.

Examples of other Fiberglass applications include: Bathtubs, Boat Hulls, Water Tanks, Jet Airliner components, exotic automobiles etc…

Eco Friendly: Fiberglass Is an ECO friendly material that has been designed and tested to last for decades and has been rated as one of the best energy efficient materials available on the market due to it inherent insulation properties. Because of its longevity it reduces unnecessary Toxic landfill waste from having to replace Vinyl Liners.

All of our products are proudly Handcrafted and Made in the U.S.A.

Disclaimer: Leading Edge does not assume any responsibility or liability for any injury or death related to usage of any leading edge product. All persons
assume full responsibility and swim at their own risk. Leading Edge encourages all persons to follow state and federal swimming rules and regulations

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