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Tanning Ledges

The Relaxer Tanning Ledge

Interested in adding a tanning ledge to your beautiful new Leading Edge pool? Look no further than the breathtaking Bronzer. This eye-catching and attractive tanning ledge is sure to be the perfect addition to your backyard and brand new Leading Edge fiberglass pool. With its curvaceous, free-form shape and its generous, yet modest, 14” depth, the Bronzer is as safe and fun as it is gorgeous. Due to the Bronzer’s’ intentional and strategic scaled-down size and depth, it offers hours of carefree fun in the sun for the whole family, as it is perfect for families with small children. Because of its smaller size, the Bronzer equally caters to the “soak up the sun” types as well. In addition to its compact size and depth, this unique tanning ledge offers an array of additional customizable options and features.

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The Bronzer Tanning Ledge

Sit back, relax and soak up the sun in safety and style in the beautiful Relaxer. This state of the art tanning ledge, truly has it all. Enjoy hours of carefree relaxation with your family in the Relaxer’s comfortable and spacious, dual built in seats. This gorgeous tanning ledge has a depth of 14", making it perfect for families with small children or ideal for the person who simply enjoys basking in the sun, all whilst doing it in style! The Relaxer is not only a fun, safe and functional option for families, it offers up a stylish assortment and variety of customizable options, all of which are optional.

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