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Creating Lasting ImpressionsWith Our Clients

Testimonial #1
Having a Leading Edge Pool is like having a resort in your own backyard. No need for a vacation. Swimming is a fun exercise that they whole family can do together. Leading Edge had no hidden cost, they told us up front what they charges would be, it was a concrete estimate. Leading Edge cares about family and that is important to us. We highly recommend Leading Edge Pools.
Autumn & Mike Barwis
— Star of Discovery Channel’s American Muscle
Testimonial #2
We love the design, the cost, and the one day installation. After seeing how the family enjoyed the pool it paid for itself. We love
the easy maintenance and we love the solar cover. The whole
family loves Leading Edge Pools, even the dog.
The Galant Family,
Traverse Bay Pool Owners
Testimonial #3
We did a lot of research on companies that manufacture pools. Leading Edge was the best for styles and sizes, they were just perfect. We loved the custom applications that we could choose from. All our friends and neighbors are enjoying our pool. We had a pool party one year and now we have an annual pool party; friends are RSVP’ing in January to
John Patterson & Kim Clark,
St. Clair Pool Owners
Testimonial #4
Leading Edge is so easy to work with; they are a Team of professions.I let them in the door and they did the installation quickly andprofessionally. We asked for a senior friendly pool and that is exactlywhat we got. Our seniors and our staff greatly enjoy the pool.
Sonny Rasch,
Facility Engineer, The Rivers,
Commercial Hybrid Wall Panels Pool
Testimonial #5

Having a Leading edge pool you will know where your kids are. Theywill be home and their friends will be with them. We love our fiberglasspool. After a lot of research, they were the best for movement of theground with our rough winters. The installation was not painful. Thispool is perfect for us. With the Salt water it is low maintenance. Wealso love the safety edge for our 3 year old. He can always get to a edgeand get out.
Hedrickson Family,
Pentwater Pool Owners

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