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Safety Edges

Safety In Reach

Our Leading Edge products are designed with safety first. Most of our pool models have been engineered and designed with either a single or dual Safety Edge that runs along the inside perimeter of the pool.

A Safety Edge allows a beginner swimmer, or swimmer in distress, the ability to get to a safe place within the pool by utilizing the Safety Edge. The Safety Edge gives those who are just learning how to swim the ability to maneuver safely around the perimeter of the pool. Leading Edge always recommends having adult supervision when any child or beginner swimmer is using your pool.

In addition, our Safety Edge allows a child or beginner swimmer the ability to participate with experienced swimmers and join in on the fun with family and friends while playing aquatic games such as volleyball, basketball, or our old time favorite, Marco Polo. Leading Edge has designed, engineered, and incorporated this safety feature directly into our molds at no additional cost to you, our valued customer.

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