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About Us

We offer you the opportunity to transform your backyard into your very own private oasis; a place where you will create life long memories, entertain family and friends and give your family a fun, safe way to exercise and stay active.


Did you know that swimming is the ONLY activity that can save a life?


We have created and developed our Leading Edge Pool & Spa website to offer you the ability to thoroughly research everything you need to know about our in ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Spas, Tanning Ledges,  Swim Shapers & Fiberglass Hybrid Wall Panel Pool System.

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  • Leading Edge Pool & Spa Manufacturers the STRONGEST Structurally built Fiberglass in ground Pools , Spas, Tanning Ledges, Swimshapers  & Custom Fiberglass Hybrid Wall Panel Pool Systems.  


  • Leading Edge Pools & Spas provides the industry's most Comprehensive Lifetime Structural Warranty.


  • We offer complete DIY Pool & Spa Kits with Equipment packages at Manufacturer Direct Pricing.


  • Be your own General Contractor with our partner, DIY Pool Planning and Design Services.


  • Dealer Franchise Opportunities


  • Pool Builder Discounts


  • Global Shipping

Our concept is to educate, inform and provide Pool & Spa content from industry related professionals, for those who are interested and considering the purchase of a new Leading Edge in ground Fiberglass Pool or Spa.


We are the only Fiberglass Pool & Spa Manufacturer that offers complete DIY Kits and Equipment Packages at Manufacturer Direct pricing.


Our experience has allowed us to develop our superior 12 step Leading Edge Manufacturing Process that ensures you will receive the Strongest Structurally Built Fiberglass Products in the industry.


Due to our vast knowledge and experience from installing and manufacturing Fiberglass Pools and Spas, we have engineered our products to be installation friendly and compatible with all soil types & climate conditions.


Leading Edge products exceed all Swimming Pool & Spa industry standards and Federal regulations.


We are here to help make your visions and dreams come true.  SPLASH into a Leading Edge Pool or Spa today!


In your own backyard

Harbor Beach
Grand Traverse
Crystal Bay
Bay Shore
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