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12-Step Manufacturing Process

The 12 Steps of Manufacuring

1. Pool mold is detailed and inspected for cosmetic blemishes.

2. A chemical release is applied to the mold for easy separation.

3. Premium marine grade gel-coat finish is applied to the mold surface.

4. Vinyl Ester Barrier coat is then applied to provide the best defense against exterior groundwater penetration.

5. Corrosion resistant fiberglass resin and chopped fiberglass strands are applied as the first structural layer, eliminating all potential air pockets.

6. Fiberglass woven mat is applied in bi-directional layers for superior strength and durability

7. Vertical and horizontal supports are added in critical stress point areas of the pool.

8. Solid steel lifting rings are installed on each corner for safe handling.

9. A final exterior barrier coat is applied for added strength, durability, and resistance.

10. The finished pool is removed from the mold.

11. The pool shell is inspected for quality and detailed to customer specifications.

12. Pool is loaded and ready for delivery.

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Leading Edge 12-Step Manufacturing Video

Harbor Beach
Grand Traverse
Crystal Bay
Bay Shore
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