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Petoskey Pool


In your own backyard


Life with a Petoskey Leading Edge Pool

 Introducing “The Petoskey”  This stunning, medium sized, freeform fiberglass pool has been engineered and designed with safety first with its textured floor and slip resistant wedding cake step design. We have also incorporated a single safety edge into the design allowing a novice swimmer, or swimmer in distress, the ability to get to a safe place anywhere within the perimeter of the pool by utilizing the safety edge. The Petoskey is the perfect complement to any size backyard. With its luxurious free flowing design the Petoskey has been engineered to offer a more generous swimming area VS other competitor freeform fiberglass swimming pools, Leading Edge has accomplished this by offsetting the curvature of the perimeter walls to create more width. In addition the Petoskey gives you and your family the ability to sit back and relax in either the shallow or deep end with its spacious dual group style bench seating in the shallow end and single group style bench seating in the deep end and optional massage jets for maximum rest & relaxation.  If you are looking for a non-traditional style, then the flowing freeform design of the Petoskey is definitely worth your consideration. The Petoskey will allow you the ability to adapt or incorporate any backyard design and pool features that you and your family desire.


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  • Size: 14’ x 30’6”


  • Depth: 3’9” X 5’8”


  • Gallons: 11,000


  • The Petoskey is a non-diving family pool that allows you to swim laps for health, exercise or just for relaxation and some good old family fun.


  • Saltwater compatible


  • Pet Friendly


  • Eco Friendly = No liners to replace


  • Smooth nonabrasive fiberglass finish, Less cost and chemicals to maintain vs a Gunite pool


Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

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