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Life with a Paradise pool by Leading Edge Pools

The name says it perfectly! The paradise is sure to make the perfect backyard retreat for your loved ones and close friends. This model is considered a spool ( Spa or a pool whichever you choose. Use it to cool off in the hot summer or to relieve your every day pain while soaking in 102 degree spa water with powerful hydrotherapy jets massaging your back after a tough day at work. This spool will be the closest you can get to your very own Paradise! Time to pour a glass of wine and relax Ahh! 


Installation Schematics

pool spa model coming soon.jpg
  • Size: 12' 6" x 18'

  • Depth: 5' flat (constant)

  • Gallons: 5,800

  • Huge seating area, offering plenty of places for your family and friends to relax and unwind, 

  • with stairs at both ends (no ladder needed)

  • Area for Swim in place water jets for exercise or play

  • Considered a “social” type pool because of it’s family friendly layout and design, making this the perfect pool to soak up the sun with both family and friends alike

Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

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