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The Rejuvenator Swim Shaper Pool

Life with a Rejuvenator Leading Edge Swim Shaper

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Feel awake, renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated in the gorgeous Rejuvenator swim shaper. This beautiful fiber glass pool was designed, created, and built with one thing in mind… total body health, fitness, and well-being. If physical fitness is your priority. And getting and staying in shape is your number one goal, then look no further than the amazing Rejuvenator.

Rejuvenator Swim Shaper

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  • Size: 8' x 17'

  • Depth: 4'

  • Gallons: 3,360

  • Two-person spacious lounge seating with built in jets for the ultimate relaxing, rejuvenating experience

  • Optional resistance swim jets (please see sales associate for more details)

  • Optional built in “treadmill” system (please see sales associate for additional details)

  • Clean lines and simplistic, modern design, make it a timeless and stylish addition to your backyard

  • No fuss, compact layout and shape makes it the perfect