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Charlevoix Pool

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Life with a Charlevoix Leading Edge Pool

  Choose the Charlevoix for the perfect mix of swimming for play and exercise also having the ability to lounge around and enjoy some peaceful summer rays! Have the friends over to relax and tell the amazing pool side stories you are sure to have. There are plenty of great features for every family with the Charlevoix pool from Leading Edge pools. 


Installation Schematics

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  • Size: 12' x 30'

  • Depth: 3'11" to 5'8"

  • Gallons: 7,665

  • Ample seating area, offering plenty of places for your family to relax and unwind, with full length stairs, seating at the deep end and beautiful tanning shelf to enjoy

  • Built in Safety ledge around deep area

  • Considered a “social” type pool because of it’s family friendly layout and design, making this the perfect pool to soak up the sun with both family and friends alike

  • Luxury is the name of the game with the Charlevoix 12' x 30'  size, 3'11"-5'8" depth and 7,665 gallon capacity

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