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Traverse Bay Pool


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Life with a Traverse Bay Leading Edge Pool

If the “wow-factor” is what you’re after, the Traverse Bay is the perfect pool for you and your family!  It offers a gradual depth that you and your family will enjoy while playing aquatic sports and activities! The Free form styling and breathtaking features of this fiberglass pool are sure to please. Take a look at what this stunning pool has to offer and see for yourself why the Traverse Bay design is perfect for any backyard pool.

Traverse Bay

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  • Size: 16' x 36'

  • Depth: 3'5" to 5'9"

  • Gallons: 14,700

  • Convenient and comfortable group bench seating, including two group bench seats in the shallow-end and one group bench seat in the deep-end.

  • Built in safety edge

  • Textured Slip resistant steps and floor

  • Very desirable and visually appealing free-form design with an attractive curvaceous shape to not only compliment, but accent your home and back yard.

  • Generous and spacious dimensions including a 16' x 36' size, 3'5"-5'8" depth and a capacity of 14,700 gallons.

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