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Life with a Starlight Leading Edge Spa

Take one look at the unique octagon-shape and stunning geometric design of the Starlight Spa and we’re sure you’ll be impressed. This luxurious spa offers simplicity and spaciousness, all wrapped up into one beautiful package. Constructed of extremely tough and very durable fiberglass, this breathtaking spa promises that you’ll enjoy plenty of relaxation and serenity for years to come. Imagine yourself sitting back, closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and soaking comfortably for hours, in the soothing spa that is the Starlight; all while enjoying its therapeutic Aquatic benefits as well. See what else this gorgeous spa has to offer you:

Starlight Spa

  • Size: 8' x 8'

  • Depth: 3'3"

  • Gallons: 475

  • Has a maximum capacity of 5 people (spa seats up to 5 adults comfortably)

  • Gorgeous and unique, octagon shape gives it an attractive, modern look and feel

  • Sturdy and durable fiberglass design and structure ensures a lifetime of relaxation

  • Spacious in size, with a 8' surface area, 3'3" standard, yet ample, depth and generous capacity 

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North Shore
North Shore

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Leading Edge High Definition Starlite Color Series

Leading Edge Grand Traverse Pool Video

St. Clair Leading Edge Pool Testimonial

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